Katherine Allen, Acupuncture Practitioner.

Katherine is a skilled and highly regarded practitioner. I felt completely safe in her hands. She conducted a detailed assessment and then applied her acupuncture needles with great care and dexterity. The positive results were felt within a few sessions. As well as addressing my symptoms, I found it to be a relaxing experience and felt both calmer and stronger as a result of the treatment. I can, and do, recommend her to others without reservation.
Christine Andrew
Chiropractor and Midwife, Bristol
September 2008

I am 36 years old and expecting my first baby. I came to see Katherine when I was 9 weeks pregnant and had been suffering with morning sickness since I was 6 weeks. During the first treatment I was amazed that even though the needles had only been in a short while, I started to feel less nauseated. After only 2 treatments I felt much more energised and my nausea and sickness settled. I felt reassured by Katherine’s calm, empathetic yet professional approach and the fact that she was a midwife and knew so much about pregnancy and birth as well as being an acupuncturist made me really trust her. I would highly recommend her.
Sarah, Bristol.

George Cooper, Acupuncture Practitioner.

In both my pregnancies George Cooper treated me with acupuncture to bring on labour and in both cases it worked within hours. He also showed me which pressure points to use to help relieve pain and that too was very helpful. I have had acupuncture for various reasons over the years and have been treated by several people. George Cooper's treatment has been consistently exceptional and I highly recommend him.
Meara C. Abergavenny

I had horrible morning sickness through the whole of my first pregnancy. When the nausea started with my second pregnancy a friend recommended George to me. I went to see him and he was able to make me feel at ease even though I don’t really like needles. We had a series of acupuncture treatments. With his acupuncture treatment I was able to eat normally. I even had an appetite!

H.B. Bristol

My midwife referred me to George when I developed pubic pain with my second pregnancy. The treatment was simple and very effective and the pain went away. Later he helped to induce my baby when she was long overdue so that I could have the home birth that I always wanted. George was caring and professional and I strongly recommend him.

Rachel S. Bristol

When I was 3 weeks pregnant I started to get really painful headaches. I went to George for set of acupuncture treatments. He explained to me that the headaches resulted from the extra demands on my body by my baby. He gave me some really helpful dietary advice and I had 5 acupuncture treatments and the headaches went away. I am very grateful to George for his help.

Nicky C. Bristol

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