What To Expect

What to expect in an appointment

Most importantly, most people find acupuncture very relaxing! So there’s no need to be nervous. In fact it is usual for clients to look forward to the peace that an appointment offers and, of course, the benefit of the treatment itself.

The first appointment involves an interview followed by your treatment. We will ask you all the questions that are relevant to your circumstances. We are thorough when it comes to medical issues, lifestyle, diet and other information that relates to your health. We will feel your pulses at the wrist and look at your tongue to aid our diagnosis. We then discuss your treatment options, particularly focusing on the acupuncture, diet and other lifestyle issues.

The acupuncture treatment follows. The needles are inserted and then left for 20 minutes. This is time to unwind. You may fall asleep, day dream or look out of the window.
This means that overall for your first appointment, combining the conversation and the treatment, you will spend up to one hour with us.

Follow up appointments will take around 40 minutes.

Please wear loose clothing for treatment.
It helps if we can easily access your arms and legs. It is uncommon that clients have to remove clothing. When this is necessary we protect your privacy with the use of screens and towels.

Please eat and drink something on the day of your treatment. Acupuncture can cause faintness and nausea when a client has eaten nothing that day.

When you come to see us for the first time, please bring any medical record that may be relevant. Please also bring the contact details of your midwife and your GP.

We look forward to seeing you!

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