Pregnancy and Baby Acupuncture Downloads

Welcome to the Downloads section of the site.

This is an excellent source of information to help you with your pregnancy, your birth and your post natal recovery.
Some of the downloads are our own original material, whilst others are from other contributors to whom we are very grateful.

There are three categories of download.

  1. The first provides practical advice for managing your pregnancy needs. Often we will refer you to this advice directly from the clinic.
  2. The second is dietary advice. The dietary section contains a lot of information. At the clinic we can give you precise advice as to dietary advice that is relevant to you.
  3. The third is for Diets for specific imbalances. The best approach to this specific advice is to talk to us first at the clinic. After assessing you and diagnosing you according to TCM, you can then construct a diet from this material that caters to your needs.
In other words, please feel free to ask us for guidance and give us feedback on the site.

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